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31 Days of Blogging: January Resolution

I don’t have the resolve for a year long’s resolution, and everyone seems to be poo-pooing resolutions this year anyway, so forget it.  I’ve decided to resolve just for a month I’m going to blog every day.  I was inspired by Jill Stauffer, who did it every day in December.  I am feeling a certain trepidation about this resolution, perhaps that is a sign that it is a good one.  I often think about something Jill said at the public philosophy panel at SPEP in 2014 about how things need time to percolate in private before bringing them to the world, and I think this notion influences my public philosophizing.  I spend a lot of time ruminating before sending things into the world.  I think that is useful, but I think it is also useful to develop habits of daily engagement and thoughtfulness.  So that’s what this is.  As you can expect, I’m also going to reflect along the way about what’s hard about keeping this resolution, which I expect will have something to do with being a woman in philosophy on the Internet.  Stay tuned.


Thanks to Fit is a Feminist Issue for the Calvin and Hobbes find.

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