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Reviews of Aristotle on the Nature of Community

In November 2013, my book, Aristotle on the Nature of Communitywas published by Cambridge University Press.  I argue in the book that Aristotle’s conception of community can best be understood by reading his claim that political life is natural through his definition of nature as an internal principle or source of movement through which natural things move from within themselves to fulfill themselves.  I argue that this conception of political life enables an open conception of community, where community, as natural, is always concerned with whether it is achieving its end and whether it is including those it should be including in order to achieve that end.

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From Salkever’s Review in the Journal of the History of Philosophy

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Book Chapters

  • “Does it Matter? Material Nature and Vital Heat in Aristotle’s Biology.” In Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysicsed. Abraham Jacob Greenstine and Ryan J. Johnson (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017).
  • “Badiou contra Hegel: The Materialist Dialectic Against the Myth of the Whole,” in Badiou and Hegeled. Jim Vernon and Antonio Calcagno.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2015. 59-76. For a review of the anthology by someone who really doesn’t like my reading of Hegel, check out Adrian Johnston’s review in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

Book Reviews

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