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Man Up! Exhortations to Masculinity in Film and TV

With some help of some Facebook friends, I’ve collected a list of scenes from film and television of fathers or coaches or other male role models shaming younger men for not being manly enough.  Here’s the list.  It is surely not exhaustive.  Add your suggestions in the comments.

Friday Night Lights.  Riggins’ dad, J.D.’s dad, Saracen’s dad.

Practically every episode of That 70s Show.

This Boy’s Life

Dead Poet’s Society, pretty much every scene between Neal and his father.

Al Capone with his son in Boardwalk Empire.

A trailer that draws a bunch of these kinds of scenes together from “The Mask you Live in.”

Every film based on a Pat Conroy book: The Great Santini, Prince of Tides, Lords of Discipline.

Boyz in the Hood.

East of Eden

There Will be Blood

Fight Club, all of Fight Club

The film Whiplash.

Brokeback Mountain.

Thanks to people who contributed suggestions including Emily Rickers, Chris Fox, Jasmine Oglesby, Jeff Bernstein, Patrick O’Neil, Alice Young, Robert Hatfield, James Stanescu, Nate Marshall, Tom Digby, Ashley Vaught, Davide Panagia, Joshua Ramey, Christopher Mayes and Jacob Russell.

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