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Janus-Faced, Part 1: Stuff I’m Proud of from 2014

Janus is the Greek god of doors and gateways, beginnings and endings, looking back and looking ahead.  To be Janus-faced is to recognize that the ending is a beginning, and the beginning an ending, to hold together what has come with what will come.

So much for the lofty start.  Here we are: year end reviews.  Everyone’s doing it.  I don’t like to be a cliché, but I do like to look back in order to look ahead and to do so in a way that addresses what was significant to me rather than the kind of thing I would put on a salary review.  I realize that what I don’t like about these kinds of things is how much they are about individuals–what did this year–when what seems important is what we collectively have done, or more, how what we’ve done has been collectively accomplished.  So I’m trying to think about how the things that I did were also collective efforts. Read more