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The Trott Line

A trot line is a fishing line that is set up across an span of water with a staging area every few feet from which you drop a line.  On the end of each staging line is a hook that you tie your bait to during the day, let the sun go down, and come back in the morning to see what’s been caught.  Some call it lazy.

I like this idea of fishing, of just letting the fish come to you when they’re ready.  Lazy?  Maybe, but it takes patience, and too, attentiveness.  There’s something  about the way the trot line gathers the things of the water without prejudice: your trot line could catch old rope, plastic bags and snakes as likely as fish.  Thinking is kind of like this: ideas come by and get caught on your staging.  Some of them are worth keeping, some of them you throw back, some of them are a cause for celebration, some of them you’d rather never have seen, some of them don’t mean that much to you, but someone else is glad you caught it.  This blog is my trot line.   Read more